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Death of a Sales Maneuver Read More

Death of a Sales Maneuver

By Leland Dugger -

Friends, readers, speculators; Lend me your $4.99 (And $3.99 for each subsequent issue). We come not to praise Wolverine, but to bury him. For at least 6-8 months, depending on sales. The crossovers that he partook in live after…

Human Writes Read More

Human Writes

By Leland Dugger -

Rewrites.  Changes to a story. We’re all familiar with them.  Sometimes the change is necessary to aid its flow.  Occasionally it may be that the creator (or an editor) has come up with an idea that will take the story in a new –…

Children’s Letters to the Super Heroes – vol. 2 Read More

Children’s Letters to the Super Heroes – vol. 2

By Leland Dugger -

A few weeks back – about 11 to be exact, we featured the first installment of an exciting new series, Children’s Letters to the Super Heroes.  It met with nothing close to critical acclaim, but young readers around the country…

1ST App of Howard the Duck  $595….Hot or Hype…???? Read More

1ST App of Howard the Duck $595….Hot or Hype…????

By rickf -

Has the GOTG popularity caused hysteria over this book..? (spoiler alert btw)…1 month ago a 9.2 Adv into Fear 19 sold for $99…Then last week, Guardians of the Galaxy the Movie comes out with a teaser for Howard the Duck , so now…

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Sold for $2.50
By gsarkell

Sold for $2.50
By gsarkell

Sold for $60.00
By mggaglia

Sold for $50.00
By mggaglia

Sold for $2.50
By jpetak

Sold for $8.00
By Trimbletitan
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