Marvel | Back To Uncanny X-Men | February 1976 | Volume 1 | USA | 397 Owned
1st Appearance of Princess Lilandra & Shi'ar race. (Lorna Dane) is Polaris

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February 1976
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Issue Facts
  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp B20 - Mighty Thor
  • 1st Appearance of "Sh''iar" Race and "Lilandra Neramani" (in Dream)
  • Lorna Dane "Polaris" Appearance
  • 1st Appearance of Davan Shakari as "ERIC the RED"
Issue Credits
Interior Artist
Cover Artist
Crossover/Story Arcs
Arcs :
Stories May contain spoliers
 My Brother, My Enemy! 

1st appearance (Davan Shakari "Eric the Red")
1st appearance "Lilandra Neramani" in Dream
Professor X is plagued by nightmares of a galactic war, in which some alien being draws his attention to her lone ship attempting to escape the destruction. However, before Charles can see the alien’s face, he awakens screaming. His screams awaken Moira MacTaggert who comes down to the kitchen to find Charles making tea. He explains his dreams to Moira and when she tells him to confide in his X-Men, he asks her how can he explain to his teammates that he's going mad. Meanwhile, in the Rio Diablo region, Alex Summers and Lorna Dane have made themselves an idealistic life. As Alex goes off on another geological survey, Lorna goes about her daily chores in bliss over their current lot in life. When she hears a knock at the door, she goes to answer it, expecting Alex. Lorna recognizes the person at the door but finds it impossible that they are here now. Before she can act, the unexpected visitor blasts her with an energy beam, knocking her out. Hearing the noise, Alex doubles back and finds Lorna is pulling out a new costume. When he asks her what's going on she calls herself Polaris and blasts Alex.

Three days later, Charles Xavier has decided to take a vacation and is leaving from JFK Airport. Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Storm, Nightcrawler (using an image inducer that makes him look like actor Errol Flynn) and Colossus see him off. They are surprised to see Alex and Lorna appear in costume. Jean picks up thoughts from their minds and warns the others that it is a trap; however the warning comes too late as Polaris attacks her. As Xavier's plane pulls off and flies away, the X-Men suit up and try to stop Havok and Polaris from destroying the Professor's plane. Colossus stops Havok from blasting the plane by knocking him over, causing his cosmic blast to strike an empty 747 instead.

Cyclops grabs his brother and demands to know why his brother is attempting to kill Professor Xavier. Cyclops gets a shock when Havok's leader appears wearing his old Eric the Red costume[1]. When the X-Men attempt to attack Eric, he blasts them away. Polaris turns her attentions to Storm and Jean Grey, and Storm has to save Jean from a nasty fall. Havok and Cyclops battle it out, but when Havok buries his brother under rubble, he goes to his aid. This plays into Scott's hand because he was only playing possum and knocks his brother out. Colossus and Nightcrawler attempt to take out Eric the Red, but find themselves no match for the powerful being who easily bats them aside. Storm meanwhile, loses her temper when Polaris refers to their battle as a game and strikes her down with a lightning bolt. Seeing Lorna get injured is all it takes to make Havok lose his cool and lash out at full power, vowing to kill all the X-Men for harming her.

Just then, Wolverine and Banshee arrive, prompting Eric the Red to order Havok and Polaris to retreat, and the three flee the scene. Cyclops has the perfect opportunity to blast them out of the sky but cannot bring himself to injure his former comrades. When Wolverine calls him a coward, Cyclops angrily punches Wolverine, and when Wolverine goes to strike at Cyclops, Storm orders him to back down. As the X-Men prepare to head back to base, they are unaware that they are being watched by two separate sets of eyes; one being the mutant hating Stephen Lang, and a second an unknown figure.

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Comic Cover for Uncanny X-Men (#97)
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