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1st Appearance of Moira MacTaggert & demons N'Garai and Kierrok

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December 1975
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  • 1st Appearance of "Moira Ann Kinross MacTaggert"
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 Night of the DEMON! 

1st appearance " Moira Ann Kinross MacTaggert"
Despondent over the death of Thunderbird[1], Cyclops cuts loose with his optic blasts, damaging an ancient cairn on the grounds of the Xavier Institute. Unknown to him, he has released the demon Kierrok and the N'Garai, minor demons.

Inside the X-Mansion, the new X-Men undergo a training session in the Danger Room, with the Professor and Banshee watching. During the training session, Nightcrawler angers Wolverine to the point where he almost kills him with his claws had it not have been for Kurt's teleportation power. Much to Banshee's discomfort, Wolverine acknowledges this fact. When Professor Xavier is expecting their new housekeeper to show up, Sean goes to answer the door bell when it rings. He is immediately changes his tone from annoyance to being smitten by the new housekeeper, who introduces herself as Moira MacTaggert.

Meanwhile, at a secret military installation, Colonel Rossi of the US Military arrives on the site of Project: Armageddon. Rossi has come to inspect the operation and finds that its head, a mutant hater named Steven Lang, is obsessed with eliminating mutants. Lang tries to convince Rossi to follow his way of thinking but fails and the soldier threatens to shut down Lang's operation. As Rossi leaves the room, Lang, standing next to a Sentinel robot, vows that Rossi will never make it back to his superiors alive. Back at the X-Mansion, the X-Men are relaxing and getting acquainted with Moira MacTaggert when Cyclops suddenly smashes through the wall. Right behind him is the demon Kierrok the Damned, who has come to destroy him. The X-Men pile on the monster, fighting together to take it down. It takes Wolverine's savageness and adamantium claws to cut the demon down to seeming death. However, it suddenly comes back to life and Cyclops explains that each time he had thought he killed the creature it would came back to life stronger than ever before. The Professor attempts to scan the creature’s mind and finds himself bombarded with demonic images that cause him great pain. However, he learns that the cairn which released the creature is the key to stopping it and sends Storm out to destroy it.

Storm travels out to the location of the cairn and is attacked by a legion of N'Garai monsters. Trying to fight of the swarm causes her to relive memories of her traumatic childhood in Cairo where she was buried alive. Fighting this bout of claustrophobia causes Storm to strike the cairn with a tremendous lightning bolt that destroys the mystical object. With its destruction, all of the demons, including Kierrok, are shunted back to their home dimension ending their threat.

In Red Hook, New York, the craft carrying Michael Rossi has crashed and is in flames. Rossi is believed to be dead.
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Comic Cover for Uncanny X-Men (#96)
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