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March 1993
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     "...For The Children!" 

    Charles Xavier has been secluded for over three days, accessing information from all around the world. Bishop disturbs him and says he must tender his resignation. The Professor wants nothing of it, not giving up on Bishop as easily as Bishop appears willing to give up on the X-Men. Jean Grey is filling in for him and Cyclops, taking over a Danger Room session with Archangel, Gambit and Bishop. Over at a school called Our Mother of the Sacred Heart, Sharon Friedlander is attacked and killed by a group of Acolytes, her last act being a desperate call for help to Charles Xavier. While receiving some information from Detective Charlotte Jones, Charles hears the cry for help and summons his X-Men to her location, sixty miles north of the mansion. At the school, Tom Corsi arrives back with a bus full of kids and senses something is wrong, just before the Kleinstock brothers blow up the school and attack the bus. Tom manages to kill Eric Kleinstock but Carmella Unuscione attacks him. Fortunately, the four X-Men arrive and a fight ensues. The X-Men are disgusted by the attitude of the Acolytes and even more so when they discover that the mutant they came to find is actually a young boy with Downs Syndrome. The Acolytes attack the bus, forcing the X-Men, along with Storm, who arrives to dowse the flames, to save to children while they make their escape. On the news later, Senator Robert Kelly calls for the American people to wake up and see the mutant menace for what it really is. - Pending Approval
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    Comic Cover for Uncanny X-Men (#298)
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