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Uncanny X-Men #29

Marvel | Back To Uncanny X-Men | February 1967 | Volume 1 | USA
Mimic leaves.

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February 1967
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    All the X-Men have gone out in their civilian guises to go skating on a nearby pond. When Warren manages to capitalize on Jean's attention, Scott slinks away and declines Jean's offer for him to join them, telling her he forgot his skates at home. Wandering into the woods, Scott broods over how he loves Jean but cannot bring himself to express his emotions because he has yet to learn how to control his optic blasts. Making an attempt to try, Scott removes his ruby quartz glasses and tries to control the destructive force of his blasts. However, Scott fails, and is even more disappointed to find that they are stronger than ever. In a fit of rage, he unleashes them at full strength against the side of a mountain causing a rock fall. Realizing what he has done, Scott flees the scene before he can get caught in the falling rocks.

    Scott's blast also manages to revive the Super-Adaptoid, still inert following his last battle against Captain America. The Adaptoid decides to go out into the world once more and see what force awoke him. Meanwhile, the X-Men decide to return to the mansion, except for Bobby, who has had almost no luck skating. Left alone, he changes into his Iceman form and finds that skating is much easier. Witnessing this, the Super-Adaptoid realizes that there are other super-powered beings on Earth other than the Avengers and attempts to approach the young X-Man to duplicate his powers. Approaching the boy quietly, the Adaptoid gives himself away when his heavy body breaks through the ice. Startled by the Super-Adaptoid, Iceman learns of it's true nature and freezes it in a block of ice and flees the scene to get the others. Realizing that the boy can lead it to more super-powered beings, the Super-Adaptoid breaks free and begins following Iceman's path.
    When the Adaptoid realizes that Mimic has similar powers to it, the robot offers to turn Mimic into another Adaptoid like him, the second in a new species of Super-Adaptoids that will take over the world and destroy humans and mutants alike. Cyclops begins to revive from the gas just as Mimic agrees to allow the Super-Adaptoid to change him into an Adaptoid as well. Scott warns Mimic that the Super-Adaptoid only intends on using him as a slave. That causes Mimic to realize how foolish his decision is and he breaks free from the beam that would have turned him into an Adaptoid. Mimic then begins to fight the Super-Adaptoid.
    The two fight each other but the two super-beings find themselves to be an equal match. Deciding that he can gain the upper hand by copying Mimic's duplications of all the X-Men's powers, the Super-Adaptoid attempts to copy Mimic's abilities. This causes an energy backlash that sends both of them crashing to the ground, with their powers being nullified. While the now human Calvin Rankin is saved by the Angel, the now powerless Adaptoid smashes into the frozen lake vowing that mankind has not seen the last of it.
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