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Uncanny X-Men #268

Marvel | Back To Uncanny X-Men | September 1990 | Volume 1 | USA
Classic Cover/Jim Lee art begins

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September 1990
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    Crossovers :
    In Madripoor (1941), a Russian is attacked by the Hand and is saved by Captain America. Then, both men are helped by a man named Logan. After the battle, Logan takes them to Seraph’s bar where he almost starts a fight with Baron von Strucker. The Russian, Ivan Petrovitch tells them that the Nazis and the Hand are planning an alliance and that they have kidnapped Natasha Romanoff.

    Later, Logan, Captain America, and Ivan Petrovitch attack the Nazi limousine where Natasha is being held. Logan seemingly sacrifices his life to save Natasha. Ivan and Captain America take Natasha to the American consulate thinking they will be safer than going back to Seraph’s. However it was a setup and Captain America, Ivan, and Natasha are taken to the Hand. The Hand plan to make Natasha a master assassin, and must kill Captain America and Ivan as her test. They are all rescued again by Logan.

    Ranked #97 in Wizard Magazine's "100 Best Single Issue Comics Since You Were Born" list.
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    Comic Cover for Uncanny X-Men (#268)
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