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Mutant Massacre

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November 1986
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    We finally get an introduction to some of the Marauders, and they're a batch of serious killers - Scalphunter, Riptide, Scrambler, Harpoon, Vertigo, and Arclight. They're really doing a number on the Morlocks, slaughtering tons of them! Back at the X-mansion, a dying Morlock shows up and manages to tell the X-Men about the massacre, before it too dies. A new student at the school, Betsy Braddock (Psylocke), a telepath, fills in the details for the X-Men, based on the Morlock's dying memory. All of the X-Men (except Magneto) head to the tunnels, and start battling the Marauders right away. Nightcrawler gets hurt right away, and Illyana (Magik) uses one of her teleport discs to take him home. The X-Men rescue Annalee and some of her children (it was the Marauders who killed four of her children in issue #193). Kitty (Shadowcat) takes one of Harpoon's energy spears in the back (trying to protect Rogue) - this causes Kitty to get stuck out of phase. When Colossus hears Kitty's scream, he goes berserk and "kills" his opponent - Riptide.
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    Comic Cover for Uncanny X-Men (#211)
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