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1st Leech

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March 1984
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     What Happened To Kitty? 

    To save the Colossus, Kitty must marry Caliban! A wedding is one thing, but can Kitty really spend the rest of her life in the catacombs?

    The NYPD had found Kitty Pryde dead next to the Baxter Building last issue and then Wolverine, Storm and Rogue went to the morgue to identify the body. Wolverine says the body isn't Kitty. She smells different. Storm can add as well, and realizes Masque is behind it. A scanning wave from outer space assaults the Prof X (similar events are happening all over the Marvel Universe). In the Morlocks tunnels Kitty is about to be married to Caliban. She resists, but Callisto reminds her about a certain promise she didn't keep. We meet Leech for the first time, and Kitty realizes that she should keep her word. The X-Men show up to rescue Kitty, but Kitty says she'll stay if the Morlocks save Colossus. Rogue manages to save Colossus by absorbing his power, so he turns to flesh, and the Morlock Healer fixes him up. Kitty agrees to go back with Caliban, but he releases her from her promise, since he knows she'll be miserable down there.
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    Comic Cover for Uncanny X-Men (#179)
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