Marvel | Back To Uncanny X-Men | August 1982 | Volume 1 | USA | 833 Owned
1st Adult Illyana Rasputina Appearance - Direct Edition

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Basic Information
August 1982
Comic Age
Cover Price
  • 1st Appearance "LIMBO" (Otherplace)
  • 1st Illyana Rasputina in "LIMBO" Otherplace Reality
  • First appearance of S''ym.
Interior Artist
Cover Artist
Stories may contain spoilers
 Chutes and Ladders ! 
While the X-Men go through a training exercise on their island headquarters, the evil sorcerer Belasco lures Colossus' little sister Illyana away from the X-Men's side. Sprite notices that Illyana is taking off, follows her into a temple and steps on a light circle that teleports her away. Noticing that both girls are gone, the X-Men follow their trail to the temple, where they too are teleported away by the light discs. All of them are taken to an other-dimensional Limbo, but they arrive in different locations. When Kitty awakes, she is approached by Nightcrawler, who starts touching her lewdly and Kitty realizes that this is not the Nightcrawler she knows. She flees right into the arms of Belasco, who imprisons her in a magical crystal and separates her skeleton from the rest of her body, keeping it aloft in front of the crystal. He then turns to Illyana and hands her a magical locket, promising her that she'll ascend to a glorious destiny. This scene is watched by the real Nightcrawler, crouching in the shadows. He approaches his evil double and after defeating him, takes his place at Belasco's side waiting for an opportunity to strike.
Colossus and Storm arrive in a labyrinth, and Ororo is attacked by a multitude of tentacles. Colossus tries to help, but another disc of light teleports him away. Storm thinks herself doomed, but a cloaked figure magically transforms her into an amalgam of Wolverine, Colossus and Nightcrawler, enabling her to free herself, before she faints. Ororo wakes up in a lovely familiar-seeming home, normal and healed, with fresh clothes and an amulet by her side. Wolverine in the meantime is confused as he found traces of his teammates, but they are much too old. His confusion grows, when he finds the corpse of an elderly Colossus. Wolverine is then approached by Belasco's servant S'ym, who claims he killed Colossus. Their fight is short and just as Wolverine is about to be killed, another teleportation circle kicks in and he is safely sped away. S'ym is joined by the real Colossus, who is mystified by his dead double. S'ym injures him and quickly gains the upper hand in their fight, until he is diverted by the returned Wolverine. Colossus uses that chance and kicks the demon into the next teleportation circle. Wolverine explains that he was found and sent to Peter's side by the mysterious cloaked woman (who earlier helped Storm). She teleports them to Belasco's throne room, and Nightcrawler and Storm join them in fighting the sorcerer, who flees. The cloaked figure turns out to be an older version of Storm with magical powers. She restores Kitty and then urges the X-Men to leave with the amulet Storm took. While she hold off the demon horde the returned Belasco brought with him, the X-Men travel home, but in the last instant, Belasco grabs Illyana. Kitty holds onto her, but loses her grip when they return to the island temple. She once more grabs Illyana through the closing circle and together the X-Men pull her through. However, time passed differently in Limbo and the Illyana they brought back is now thirteen instead of six years old. Later Colossus blames himself for what happened to his sister as he keeps guard at her side.
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UNCANNY X-MEN #160B Newstand Edition
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