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1st Caliban

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August 1981
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  • DAZZLER and SPIDER-WOMAN Appearance''s
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 Cry, Mutant! 

Scott Summers and Lee Forrester are investigating a city that recently arose from the Caribbean depths. Lee kisses Scott, but Scott isn't ready for intimacy, which leads to Lee running off. The sightless Scott, his eyes bound with cloth to prevent him from using his optic blasts, vents his frustration, but Lee eventually comes back and they make up.
At the X-Mansion, Wolverine and Nightcrawler are playing a game of hunter and hunted outside since the Danger Room is still out of commission. Inside, Storm, Angel, and Professor X are debating Wolverine's membership on the team -- Angel maintains that the "psychopath" doesn't belong with the X-Men. Storm and Professor X insist he stays, and so Angel leaves the team.

In the Hangar, Colossus and Banshee are repairing damage done during Kitty's battle with the N'Garai while Illyana looks on. Professor X asks Banshee to come up to the mansion. When he does, he's greeted not by the professor but by a bonny lass who turns out to be his daughter! All of the X-Men are happy for Sean except for Moira -- when Storm confronts her about it, Moira confesses that Theresa represents something she can't give Sean, a child, for fear of it being another monster.

Saturday night, a mysterious figure comes out of a NYC manhole cover. He refers to himself as Caliban and can sense the presence of others of his kind (mutants) in the high-rise nearby. In that high-rise, Ororo, Kitty, Stevie, and Jessica Drew are at a night club to see Dazzler in concert. Down below, Caliban fights his way past two security guards to enter the building. Above, Dazzler's show begins. During her performance, the X-Men notice a disturbance near the door -- Kitty tells them she's going to investigate and phases through the floor!

Dazzler notices Kitty's disappearance and Storm's annoyance, so she distracts the crowd enough for Ororo and Jessica to step out a door and change into costume. Back near the elevator, Kitty discovers the mysterious subterranean mutant. Caliban grabs Kitty, provoking Storm and Spider-Woman to attack him upon arriving, but he knocks them for a loop and retreats back down the elevator. Jessica and Ororo regain their wind and go after him. They catch up on the streets below, and finally defeat Caliban, only to learn that he was merely looking for company, for he is lonely as an outcast beneath the streets. Incoming police sirens distract our heroes, and Caliban slips away unnoticed, much to the X-Men's regret.

On the Caribbean island, Lee and Scott are hungry and hoping to be discovered. And discovered they are -- however, their "rescuer" fills Scott with more fear than pleasure, for he is none other than... Magneto!
 Cry, Mutant! 

A new city arises in the Caribbean where Lee wants to get intimate with Scott, but he’s not willing yet.

At home at the X-Mansion, there is a debate on whether or not to have Wolverine join the X-Men. Profession X insists he is in. Banshee meets his daughter. Caliban, a creature emerges from the sewer looking for company.

Magneto “rescues” Lee and Scott on the Caribbean Island.
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Comic Cover for Uncanny X-Men (#148)
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