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November 1980
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  • 1st Appearance of Kitty Pryde as "SPRITE"
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Stories May contain spoliers
 ...Something WICKED This Way Comes! 

* 1st Kitty Pryde as "SPRITE" Appearance
* 1st Appearance (Heather McNeil Hudson)
* Wolverines civilian name "LOGAN" revealed this issue

The X-Men participate in a grueling session in the Danger Room. As Angel, Colossus, Storm and Nightcrawler go through their exercises, Professor X and Kitty Pryde witness the spectacle from the room’s monitoring station. Kitty is terrified to see the degree of danger that she may one day have to face. As the session ends, the team regroups and they decide to officially welcome Kitty to the team. When Nightcrawler appears in the room she is instinctively frightened by his appearance and feels bad for acting that way. When the Professor decides it's time that Kitty take up a code name, he suggests the name Ariel. She doesn't like it and chooses Sprite instead. When Nightcrawler inquires why Wolverine changed his costume, he replies that he just felt like it. Wolverine approaches the Professor and asks if he can go up to Canada and straighten out things with the Canadian government. The Professor agrees that this is a good idea and Nightcrawler asks to go along, hoping to meet Aurora again.

Storm and Kitty leave the mansion for the streets of Salem Center. Ororo brings her to a dance studio owned by famed dance instructor, Stevie Hunter. Kitty is excited to begin taking classes, and feels that the physical exercise will help her balance out all of the mental challenges that the school might throw at her.

Later, Wolverine and Nightcrawler arrive in Canada. They meet with Heather McNeil Hudson, wife to Department H's James Hudson, formerly known as Weapon Alpha. Now calling himself Vindicator, James arrives shortly after and prepares to settle affairs with Wolverine. Their past animosity has to be tabled however, as more pressing matters are brought to the forefront.

In Ottawa, Ontario, the capital of Canada, Heather Hudson comes home to find intruders in her home. Grabbing a broom she gets the drop on them, and is surprised to see that it is Wolverine. When she calls Wolverine 'Logan', Nightcrawler asks why Wolverine never told anyone his real name. Wolverine comments that nobody bothered asking. When Logan gets down to business, he asks Heather where James is, and she tells him that he's up in the Hudson Bay area investigating something with Alpha Flight on behalf of Department H.
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Comic Cover for Uncanny X-Men (#139)
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