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Moses Magnum

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March 1979
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  • 1st appearance "PROTEUS" (in Shadows ONLY)
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 Twas The Night Before Christmas... 

1st appearance "PROTEUS" (in Shadows ONLY)

Moses Magnum has issued an ultimatum to the government of Japan: Turn the country over to him, or he will use his Magnum Force to sink the entire country. With the 24 hour period to turn over power to him running short, the Prime Minister of Japan has asked the visiting X-Men to help stop him from destroying the country. After briefing the X-Men and Sunfire on Magnum's past the group splits into two teams to try and stop Magnum's operation that is located within the Kuril Islands. While Storm, and Banshee attack from the air (with Nightcrawler teleporting into the base solo), Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine and Sunfire burrow their way to the island from under ground.

When Cyclops and the others burst through the floor, Colossus is attacked by Magnum who surprises them with his newly acquired super-human strength. Although the group does well against Magnum, the tide of battle is turned to the villains advantage as he calls in his minions in new Mark II Mandroid Armor. Outmatched, Cyclops orders Sunfire to get Storm and Banshee and have them join the battle. As the battle rages, Magnum flees the scene to activate his laser weapon to sink Japan. When Banshee sees the villain flee, he flies outside of the base and pushes his sonic scream to the limit blocking Moses Magnum's weapon, destroying the base as the other X-Men flee.

As they wait for Misty Knight and Colleen Wing to rescue them by plane, the X-Men realize that Banshee has tapped out his mutant powers saving the entire country and may not be able to use his powers again. Ten days of recovery later, Banshee is released from a hospital and returns to the Yashida house and finds that the other X-Men have put up a Christmas tree to celebrate both Christmas and Banshee's release. While the others celebrate, Wolverine wanders off to spend more time with Lady Mariko, while Colossus deals with the loneliness of being away from his family during the holidays.

While in Scotland, Jean Grey exists a train and is welcome by Alex, Lorna, Jamie Madrox and Moira MacTaggert. The group plan on showing Jean around all the sights before returning to Muir Island to celebrate the holidays. Unknown to them, the bitter boat owner Angus MacWhirter has come to the island to get revenge against MacTaggert for the damage done to one of his hovercrafts during the X-Men's battle against Magneto[1]. However before he can do anything he is confronted by a strange being that takes possession of his body.
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Comic Cover for Uncanny X-Men (#119)
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