Marvel | Back To Uncanny X-Men | April 1977 | Volume 1 | USA | 406 Owned
1st Appearance of The Starjammers, Blackbird And Muir Island Appearance

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April 1977
Comic Age
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  • 1st Appearance of "CORSAIR" (Christopher Summers)
Interior Artist
Cover Artist
Stories May contain spoliers
 The Gentleman's name is MAGNETO 
The X-Men have been dispatched to Muir Island, off the coast of Scotland which is owned by Moira MacTaggert. After some issues being able to use a reserved hoverboat from it's owner Angus MacWhirter they are on their way. They are going to investigate why Moira's aid, the Multiple Man has been out of contact for a number of days. However, before they can dock on the island their ship is disassembled by a massive magnetic bolt. The group swims ashore and find that the island is surrounded by a giant magnetic forcefield. Before the X-Men can figure out what to do, the ground they are standing on is pulled up into the sky and the are brought closer to Moira's mutant research center and almost are crushed against the wall if not for their quick defensive attack to smash through it.

As they recover from the crash, the doorway ahead of them smashes open revealing the X-Men's oldest enemy, Magneto the Master of Magnetism. While elsewhere on the complex, the X-Men's blackbird lands and Moira and Cyclops get out of the ship to conduct their own investigation. They find the Multiple Man who is just reviving from being knocked out. He explains how he was attacked by Havok, Polaris and Eric the Red, who immobilized him. While he was in stasis, they went to the room where Magneto has been kept since he was transformed into a small child[1]. Eric the Red would use some alien technology to restore Magneto to his prime and try to enlist him in his cause to destroy the X-Men. Although Magneto would refuse to follow under another he would vow to destroy the X-Men anyway.

Learning that the X-Men's most deadly enemy has escaped, Cyclops rushes off to join his comrades. The next X-Men are not fairing very well against Magneto who uses his magnetic powers to his advantage against both Wolverine's Adamantium claws, and Colossus's metal body. Storms lightning bolts also do not have an effect on him, and Magneto defeats them all easily. He then covers Nightcrawler in debris and seals Banshee in a cocoon of metal particles. Cyclops arrives and manages to stun Magneto with a full power optic blast. With the group unprepared to battle Magneto, Cyclops orders the group to retreat much to Wolverine's chagrin. As they are leaving, Wolverine notes that Dragonfly of the Ani-Men has escape from he cell[2]. As they are fleeing the scene in the Blackbird, Cyclops points out that the recent attacks on the X-Men have have been orchestrated by Erik the Red and that he must be going after Professor X. Wolverine however, is not easily sold on the idea and considers Cyclops a coward. While back on Muir Island, Magneto gloats over his victory over the X-Men and leaves to plot anew, while behind him a door labeled "Mutant X" begins to glow.

In deep space aboard the space ship known as the Starjammer, the space pirate known as Corsair tells his shipmate Ch'Od that nine stars are moving into the correct alignment and that the emperor plans on opening a dimensional gate. The sister of this emperor, the woman that has been haunting Charles Xavier's dreams is rushing toward the Earth hoping to use Charles and the X-Men to stop her brother. Before she can get to Earth's atmosphere however she is attacked by an Imperial cruiser. While on Earth, Jean Grey is reunited with her parents in the company of Charles Xavier and Misty Knight. They are unaware that the reunion is about to be cut short by an attack about to be launched by Erik the Red, Havok and Polaris.

This story is continued next issue...

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Comic Cover for Uncanny X-Men (#104)
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