Marvel | Back To Uncanny X-Men | February 1977 | Volume 1 | USA | 384 Owned
Wolverine is called Logan for the first time.

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February 1977
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 The Fall Of The Tower! 
Continued from last issue...

Following his defeat at the hands of Black Tom and the Juggernaut, Nightcrawler's unconscious body is pulled through the secret passageways of Cassidy Keep by a group of Leprechauns. When Nightcrawler revives he is shocked to find himself surrounded by creatures that he thought were creatures of myth. They, and their keeper Eamon O'Donnell, explain that the "Little People" have been under the care of the Cassidy family for generations. Recently, Juggernaut and Black Tom came to the castle, hired by Erik the Red to plant a trap for the X-Men in order to destroy them. To this end, they forced Eamon into servitude by taking the Leprechauns hostage. They explain that when they found Nightcrawler part way in the shadows his body was invisible. Testing this out, Nightcrawler is surprised at this previously unknown ability and decides to use it to his advantage. This comes at a good time as one of the Leprechauns comes to warn that Black Tom and Juggernaut have the other X-Men prisoner in the laboratory. Seeking to free his friends, Nightcrawler has the Leprechauns lead the way.

In the Lab, Juggernaut and Black Tom have the X-Men all contained in specially prepared devices that were made to neutralize their mutant abilities. When Black Tom is about to torture Storm with his Neuronic Tangler glove, Nightcrawler decides to intervene. Teleporting into the room, he uses his image inducer to make himself appear as Charles Xavier. Falling for the illusion, Juggernaut charges at the mane he believes to be his step brother and finds him nimbler than he remembered. However, Black Tom sees through the ruse and tries to attack Nightcrawler as well. When one of Juggernaught's blows smashes a hole in the castle wall to the outside, this gives Storm the will power to break the inhibitor device and use her powers to suck herself, Wolverine and Colossus out into the open. While Colossus works to remove the metal boots from Wolverine's feet, the Leprechauns arrive to quietly remove Nightcrawler from the rubble. With Banshee still their prisoner, Black Tom and Juggernaut take him to one of the castle towers and threaten to kill him if the other X-Men don't try to rescue him.

As Storm, Wolverine and Colossus make their way up, they find that the tower is rigged with many weapons armed to keep them at bay. While Tom and Juggernaut are distracted by this display, Nightcrawler manages to sneak up his own way and free Sean from his bonds. With his vocal chords free, Banshee lets loose on the two villains with a powerful sonic scream. When Black Tom attempts to attack him one-on-one, Banshee flips him up over the edge and sends him falling down into the water below. Concerned for his friends well being, the Juggernaut stops fighting the other X-Men and dives in after Tom, vowing that if Tom dies he will come after the X-Men and finish them.

Elsewhere, Erik the Red reports back to his master who is less than impressed at this most recent failed attempt at destroying the X-Men. Erik vows that he will not fail his master in his next scheme as he intends to use the X-Men's most deadly foe of all: Magneto.

This story is continued next issue....
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Comic Cover for Uncanny X-Men (#103)
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