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First Dick Grayson as Nightwing

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July 1984
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     The Judas Contract: Book Three - There Shall Come a Titan! 

    * 1st Appearance "NIGHTWING" (Dick Grayson)
    * Joey Wilson becomes "JERICHO"

    At Titans Tower, Dick Grayson stands incredulous as Adeline Kane accuses Terra of collusion with their most hated foe Deathstroke the Terminator. As his former wife, Adeline has intimate knowledge of Slade Wilson's origins. She provides Robin with a complete history of Slade's life.
    After concluding her tale, Adeline convinces Dick to allow them to help rescue the Titans. Dick runs upstairs to don a brand new costume, and with it a new identity. When he returns to the meeting hall, he is no longer Robin the Boy Wonder. He is now Nightwing. Joey too has a costume and has taken to calling himself "Jericho". Dick is still unsure about having Joey around, but Adeline reveals that the experiments which gave Slade his powers, had a mutagenic side-effect in his son. Joey has the ability to physically possess the bodies of other people. After a quick demonstration, he communicates (through sign language) his desire to bring his father to justice. Nightwing is still reluctant, but agrees to accept his aid. They fly off in the T-Jet on the trail of Deathstroke and Terra.
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    Comic Cover for Tales Of The Teen Titans (#44)
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