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February 1984
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    A 23-page story – Acting on information provided by Bethany Snow, the Teen Titans invade an Alaskan way station of Brother Blood's cult, and find proof of his political backing of certain senators and congressmen, which they turn over to the authorities. Terra secretly reports the Titans' activities to the Terminator, and she and the Terminator fight a mock battle to test each other's powers. At the next Titans meeting, Kid Flash appears in civilian garb as Wally West and formally announces that he is leaving the team. After goodbyes are said, Robin unexpectedly announces that he too is giving up his costumed identity—not because he is retiring, as Kid Flash is, but because he intends to take on a new guise, as yet undecided, which will identify him more as the Titans' leader than as the Batman's junior partner. Unknown to the Titans, all of this information is being relayed to the Terminator by Terra, so that he too now knows Robin and Kid Flash's true identities.

    NOTE: Robin and Kid Flash quit the team.
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    Comic Cover for New Teen Titans (#39)
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