Marvel | Back To Incredible Hulk, The | May 1974 | Volume 2 | USA | 231 Owned

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May 1974
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  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp #56 - The Rawhide Kid
  • INHUMANS Appearance
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 MAN-BRUTE In The Hidden Land! 

The Hulk is hurtled across the Earth following his battle against the Cobalt Man and sends him hurtling toward the Inhuman's hidden land. Picked up by the Inhuman's instruments, Karnak warns the Inhuman royal family that the Hulk's re-entry is on target with their newly constructed Space Ark, sending the Inhumans out to redirect the Hulk. Black Bolt flies off into the air and strikes the Hulk causing him to change course and crash into the side of a mountain.

Trapped inside, the Hulk tries in futility to get free and eventually falls asleep. When the Inhumans and Crystal's fiancee Quicksilver arrive at the crash site they see Bruce Banner climbing out of the hole caused by the Hulk's impact. Recognizing Banner from files provided to them by the Fantastic Four, the Inhumans welcome Banner back to Attilan as a guest, giving him new clothing and showing him their Space Ark which they explain that they are using to fly to a Counter-Earth that they detecting orbiting the sun opposite of their own Earth. They hope to go there because to the best of their knowledge there are no other super-humans on that Earth and they might be readily accepted there. They offer Banner to accompany them, however Bruce decides that he needs to think about it and walks around the hidden city.
As Banner is lost in thought about the idea of leaving this Earth for Counter-Earth, he is spotted by some Inhumans who decide to give him a hard time because he appears to be normal. Pushing Banner down, they make the biggest mistake they ever could: prompting Banner to transform into the Hulk. Going on a rampage through the hidden city, the Hulk is attacked by Quicksilver, Gorgon, Karnak and Triton, who attempt to subdue him with minimal success.
With the entire city at risk Black Bolt gets into the middle of the fight and when all else fails to stop the Hulk uses his immensely powerful voice to strike the Hulk down, who ultimately passes out from the noise. Black Bolt decides the best thing to do with the Hulk is to launch him off in their Space Ark, hoping to send him flying into empty space forever.
As the Hulk tries to futilely smash his way out of the ship, the Inhuman's launch it into space. While in Australia, Betty Talbot takes a plane back to the United States lost in thought about the supposed death of her husband Glenn Talbot and Bruce Banner. She witnesses what she thinks is a shooting star, completely unaware of the fact that it is in reality the Hulk's ship blasting off into space to an unknown destination.
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Comic Cover for Incredible Hulk, The (#175)
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