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1st Appearance of Impulse

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July 1994
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  • First full appearance of Impulse (Bart Allen).
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Stories May contain spoliers
 Reckless Youth, Chapter One: Speed Kills 

A couple of weeks previous, Linda Park is speaking off the record with a man about some kids who were part of a cult. He goes to open a bureau that contains some records she is asking about and when he opens it is swarmed by snakes.

Today, Wally West is shooting baskets on a basketball court at high speed. He takes a break and goes to talk to Linda at the sidelines. She is still working on her cult story. Some of her papers are caught by the wind and Wally catches them, seeing a photo of Linda with an X through it and a warning to stay away. Wally asks her about it and she tells him threats like this one are part of being a reporter.
Wally sees something speed past, just a blur. He runs Linda home and finds Iris Allen there. Iris tells Wally that she is from the 30th century and that her grandson Bart Allen is lost in the time stream and his speed powers are burning non-stop, rapidly aging him. Wally tells Iris that he saw Bart and that he will find Bart and help him. Wally sets off to find Bart, searching the globe.
Wally finds Bart in Spain and Bart attacks Wally.

Elsewhere Kobra uses electronic surveillance to listen in on a conversation between Linda Park and her editor about the cult story she is investigating.

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