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     "Lightning Strikes Twice, Part One: Deus Ex Machina" 

    Synopsis for "Lightning Strikes Twice, Part One: Deus Ex Machina"

    Black Hole (First appearance)
    Dr. Joseph Carver (First appearance)
    Kristen Kramer (First appearance)

    Several years ago, on the night of the Storm, Barry Allen was working in his lab with August Heart, who was asking for help on his brother's murder case, sure that Billy Parks was the murderer. Barry agrees to help, and August begins to leave as Barry is struck by lightning, tapping him into the speed force.

    Today, Barry runs the streets while reminiscing on the return of his friend, Wally West, while saving people in danger. He then goes to his day job, the Central City CSI. He walks in late to a crime scene, and meets August there. He then rushes late to a lunch date with Iris and The other Wally West. Wally makes a remark about how Barry and Iris are obviously flirting, but Barry has to run to stop a fire, while also hearing of an attack on a S.T.A.R. Labs transport. Barry chooses the fire, while August is on the scene of the attack. He notices that the attackers have the same symbol on their armor that was spray painted at his brother's crime scene, and demands to know what's going on. Barry rushes to save August from being shot, but is too late, or so it seems. Suddenly August is struck by lightning, and knocks out the attackers faster than Flash. August stands there in shock, questioning what's going on as his eyes crackle with lightning.
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