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Sub-Mariner Appearance

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December 1962
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     The END of The FANTASTIC FOUR! 

    The Sub-Mariner is monitoring television broadcasts from the surface to learn that the Fantastic Four have officially declared bankruptcy and are liquidating their assets to pay off their creditors. Learning this Namor is convinced that now is the right time to strike against the group.

    At the Baxter Building headquarters of the Fantastic Four, Reed and the others are forced to stand back as creditors begin repossessing Reed's various inventions. Unable to stand watching this, the Thing decides to leave to visit his new girlfriend, Alicia. However when he tries to get a cab he is refused due to the press about the FF's recent financial troubles. In anger, Ben impales the cab on a lamp post and then fires a FF signal flare, bringing Johnny in the Fantasti-Car, who gives Ben a lift to Alicia's house. There, Ben finds his mood soured further when he cannot bring himself to believe Alicia's words of praise and kindness toward him.

    When Ben returns to the Baxter Building later it is just moments after a telegram has arrived from SM Studios offering the Fantastic Four to all act in a film based on their lives, offering enough money to the group for them to resume operations. However, despite this salvation the now penniless super-heroes are forced to hitchhike all the way to Los Angeles to take up the job.
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    Comic Cover for Fantastic Four (#9)
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