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Silver Surfer.

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August 1968
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     ...SHALL EARTH Endure? 

    In the Microverse, Reed, Ben and Johnny are captured by the Psycho-Man, when they think they're before the real Psycho-Man, Johnny's flame blast destroys what is really a robot. While on Earth, the Silver Surfer returns and after consoling Sue, he flies to meet Galactus and agrees to find him a world to consume in order to save the Earth. While back in the Microverse, Reed and the others battle another Psycho-Man robot, while in the Earth dimension, the Surfer succeeds in helping Galactus find a suitable planet to feed on. Having aided Galactus, the Surfer asks to be freed from his confines on Earth, however Galactus refuses, returning the Surfer to his exile on Earth, so that he knows where to find the Surfer should he ever need him again.
    While back in the Microverse, Reed, Ben and Johnny battle the real Psycho-Man, who is buried under tons of rubble in the fight. Pleading to be freed, he returns Reed and the others to Earth when they explain that they need to return to Earth to protect it from the potential threat of Galactus. Reading Reed's mind and learning the truth and that Earth's destruction also might mean the destruction of the Microverse, Psycho-Man returns them to their own universe.
    *SILVER SURFER next Appearance is In Own Title..
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    Comic Cover for Fantastic Four (#77)
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