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Silver Surfer.

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July 1968
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     Stranded In SUB-ATOMICA! 

    1st Appearance "INDESTRUCTIBLE ONE"

    Tracking the Silver Surfer to Microverse, Reed, Ben and Johnny battle the Silver Surfer, however their battle is interrupted by the Psycho-Man who sends his Indestructible One to try and capture the Surfer. However when it attacks the four heroes the Surfer leaves Reed, Ben and Johnny to fight the creature alone.
    While in the Earth dimension, Galactus' hunger grows and prepares to consume the Earth if the FF cannot bring him the Surfer in time.

    Back in the Microverse Reed and the others battle the creature to their personal frustration when the creature becomes intangible whenever they try to attack it. The creature eventually disappears, the Surfer returns realizing that he has a responsibility and decides to return to Earth to aid Galactus, while Reed and the others decide that it's best to deal with the Psycho-Man before he can launch another attack on the Earth.
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    Comic Cover for Fantastic Four (#76)
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