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Silver Surfer & Galactus Appearance

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May 1968
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     When Calls GALACTUS! 

    Ben pops in on Alicia to find that the Silver Surfer has come to his girlfriend as well. Ben learns that the Surfer has been called by Galactus to be his herald once more, and that the Surfer does not wish to be a slave to Galactus again, but even as they speak the Punisher cyborg has been deployed to collect the wayward herald. Ben takes the Surfer to the Baxter Building where Johnny has been left in charge of repairing their headquarters after their recent battle with Thor, Spider-Man and Daredevil. Thing informs him of the Surfer's plight when the Punisher arrives. Leaving the Surfer in a secured hiding place, Ben and Johnny battle the Punisher and are soon joined by Reed (who in turn had left Sue in the care of Crystal, believing that Sue should not battle while pregnant). Eventually Galactus pulls the Punisher back as he arrives closer to Earth. He then sends down a search beam to find the Surfer. When Reed and the others realize the Surfer is now missing, Johnny remembers the Surfer mentioning something about "worlds within worlds."

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    Comic Cover for Fantastic Four (#74)
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