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March 1967
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     Where Soars The SILVER SURFER! 

    Ben, Johnny and Crystal are lamenting about the fate of the Fantastic Four now that Reed and Sue have left the group when they are warned by the Watcher that the Silver Surfer intends to attack humanity. While on a train bound to a new home for Reed and Sue, Reed reiterates that this is the best choice so Sue is not put at risk while she is pregnant.

    Meanwhile, the Surfer having seen nothing but bigotry, hatred, greed and oppression while traveling the Earth decides to attack humanity, starting with New York. This brings him into combat with both Thing and the Human Torch. The army prepares to launch a special missile to deal with the Surfer while the Watcher stops the train that the Richards are riding on and asks Reed to aid his friends in stopping the Surfer. Leaving Sue behind, Reed is transported by the Watcher to the Baxter building where he meets Johnny and the two travel to where the Thing is battling the Surfer alone.
    At that moment the military launches their special Sonic Shark missile, Reed and Johnny chase after the Surfer in the Pogoplane, when the Surfer is hit with the missile, draining his cosmic energies. Knocking the missile into orbit before it can explode and kill the Surfer, the weakened and humbled Surfer realizes the errors of his ways before bidding farewell to the Fantastic Four to find his place on the Earth.
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    Comic Cover for Fantastic Four (#72)
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