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1st Appearance of Blastaar

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May 1967
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  • 1st Appearance of "BLASTAAR"
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 ...And One Shall SAVE Him! 

1st Appearance "BLASTAAR"
With Reed free-falling through the Negative Zone, coming helplessly close to the barrier where positive and negative matter meet and explode, the rest of the FF watch in horror from Earth. Johnny asks Crystal to get the other Inhumans to help. While in the Negative Zone, some of its citizens dump the incapacitated Blastaar close to the rift hoping that it can destroy their most dangerous criminal.
Back on Earth, the Inhumans destroy a group of soldiers who are foolish enough to try to setup a military operation on the island they have chosen as their base. When Crystal arrives, Black Bolt sends Triton back to the Baxter Building with her to help the Fantastic Four.

Tethered, Triton jumps into the Negative Zone portal and "swims" his way to Reed and rescues him just moments before Reed is destroyed at the barrier. Unknown to them, Blastarr free's himself and travels into the positive matter universe with them. Sneaking out a window, Blastarr is confronted by the Sandman, and after a brief battle, the Sandman decides to team up with Blastarr.

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Comic Cover for Fantastic Four (#62)
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