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First Appearance of Psycho Man, Silver Surfer story.

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November 1967
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  • * 1st Appearance of "PSYCHO-MAN" * 1st Appearance of "LIVE-WIRE" (Rance Preston) * 1st Appearance of "SHELLSHOCK" (Gary Buser)
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 Divide -- and Conquer! 

Susan Richards suddenly faints, prompting the FF to look over he. However, Thing leaves to go spend time with Alicia. Meanwhile, elsewhere the Psycho-Man punishes one of his subordinates for delivering a component to his device to Alicia's home, getting together his minions Shellshock, Ivan, and Live Wire to help recover the device.

At Alicia's home, Thing tries to figure out the strange component that was delivered to her apartment. Soon they are attacked by Psycho-Man and his minions who defeat Thing and take the component. Meanwhile, Black Panther leads an army to Panther Island where they briefly get into a battle against the Inhumans. Realizing that they have mutual allies and that Black Bolt brought the Inhumans because he sensed danger. Investigating, they come across the Psycho-Man's base and have to fight off his defenses.

Back in New York, Reed Richards announces to the Fantastic team that Sue is pregnant, and the group celebrates. Back on Panther Island, the Inhumans and Black Panther find themselves overwhelmed, so they have Lockjaw bringing the Fantastic Four to the Psycho-Man's base to turn the tide. There they battle their way to Psycho-Man, who reveals to them that he comes from the Microverse and he intends to take over this world with a giant emoto-caster weapon. Soon Psycho-Man is subdued, after being attacked by all the heroes. When Black Panther questions him, they find the Psycho-Man is motionless, upon closer inspection what they thought was Psycho-Man, was really a robot body piloted by a small being.

This Is a Plot?
Stan Lee and Jack Kirby story

The Peerless Power of the Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer story
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