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Iconic Thing vs. Silver Surfer Cover, Silver Surfer Appearance

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October 1966
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  • Classic KIRBY Thing Vs. Silver Surfer Battle Cover
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Stories May contain spoliers
 When Strike The SILVER SURFER! 

With no threats to deal with currently, Reed and Sue decide that it's time to finally take their honeymoon. While Ben tries to get in touch with Alicia. When Ben arrives at Alicia's home, he finds that Silver Surfer has come to visit her. Jealous and enraged, Ben attacks the Surfer and the two engage in a battle.

While in the Himalayas, Johnny and Wyatt notice that the locals are evacuating the place en mass, and decide to investigate the situation. After setting up camp they spot a giant creature in the shadows and decide to track it. While back in New York, Ben and the Surfer's battle takes them into the warehouse district of the city.

Back in the Himalayas, Johnny and Wyatt catch up with the mysterious creature, learning that it's Lockjaw of the Inhumans. Johnny is happy to have found the creature as it's teleportation ability could help them reach the Hidden Land of the Inhumans. While back in New York, the fight between Ben and the Surfer is broken up by Reed and Sue. Reed talks some sense into Ben and has him apologize to the Surfer. Accepting the apology, the Surfer repairs Ben's air-cycle, and creates some flowers for Ben to give to Alicia before departing.
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Comic Cover for Fantastic Four (#55)
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