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September 1965
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     To SAVE You, Why Must I KILL YOU! 

    The Frightful Four goad the brainwashed Thing to kill his friend. However, the Fantastic Four manage to free themselves from their traps and counter attack the Frightful Four, giving Reed enough time to free himself from the Trapster's paste. However, while fighting the Thing one on one, Ben manages to catch Reed and smash him into an urn.

    During the fight, Johnny is captured and Sue flees with the urn containing Reed. The Frightful Four then appear brainwash Johnny, and Wizard announces that now that the Torch has joined them, they will have no trouble disposing of the Invisible Girl. Sue frees Reed and they get a hold of a number of the Wizard's anti-gravity discs, using them to disorientate the other Frightful Four members and to take Ben back to base easier.

    Although the other members are caught up, the Wizard and Johnny are still free, and chase after Reed, Sue, and Ben. Unfortunately for the girl, Sue stumbles on a rock and before she can recover, Torch surrounds Reed, Ben, and her with a wall of flame. Wizard tells Torch to rescue the Thing, but to finish off Reed and Sue.

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    Comic Cover for Fantastic Four (#42)
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