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Classic: 'The Battle Of The Baxter Building!'

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July 1965
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     The BATTLE of the BAXTER Building! 

    Fighting their way into the Baxter Building, Daredevil goes ahead of the powerless Fantastic Four to keep Dr. Doom busy while Reed and the others try to find a way to stop Doom. Arriving in the Fantastic Fours headquarters, the FF try to help Daredevil as well, but without their powers they are hard pressed.
    Gaining inspiration, Reed uses the power-stimulator on Johnny, Sue and himself and as his hunch predicted, their powers are restored. However, even their combined powers are not enough to keep Doom at bay and Reed is forced to use the device on Ben, turning him into the Thing again. Ben then pulverizes Doom, heavily damaging Doom's armor and forcing him to flee. After the battle, depressed that he's the Thing again, and sick of being the "fall guy" of the group, Ben decides to quit the Fantastic Four.

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    Comic Cover for Fantastic Four (#40)
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