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1st Appearance of Frightful Four

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March 1965
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  • 1st Appearance "FRIGHTFUL FOUR" (Wizard), (Paste Pot Pete), (Sandman), (Medusa)
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1st Appearance "FRIGHTFUL FOUR" (Wizard), (Paste Pot Pete), (Sandman), (Medusa)
After Reed and Sue make public their engagement, the Trapster and Sandman have teamed up with the Wizard to get revenge on the Fantastic Four. The Wizard suggesting they create a polar opposite group called the Frightful Four, recruits Medusa, a wild-woman they find who can control her hair.
After a seeing off guests celebrating Reed and Sue's engagement, the Frightful Four attack the Baxter Building easily capturing Ben, Reed, Sue and Alicia, as Madam Medusa proves that she is more than a match for the Invisible Girl. However, Alicia manages to fire the 4-Flare gun to summon Johnny who wasn't there at the time. He manages to capture the Wizard, but is too late to stop the rest of the Frightful Four from making off with his friends in the Pogo-Plane. Chasing after them in the Wizard's anti-gravity ship, he manages to save his friends when the Frightful Four try to drop them to their death.
Forced to land both ships, the two groups duke it out until when the Frightful Four are almost defeated. Detonating his anti-gravity ship, the Wizard uses the explosion to cover his groups escape.

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Comic Cover for Fantastic Four (#36)
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