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June 1964
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     The Search For SUB-MARINER! 

    * Sub-Mariner appearance
    Her needs neglected once more while Reed is too busy with one of his experiments, Sue is visited by Namor once more trying to convince her to be his queen, when she refuses he knocks her out with gas and takes her. When Reed learns of her capture, in a jealous rage fights off Johnny and Thing to search for her on his own.
    Believing Reed will get creamed by Namor, the two call to Dr. Strange for help. Strange searches the depths of the ocean in his spirit form to find them.

    Strange locates them just as Reed confronts Namor in battle and Namor's soldiers rush in to aid their ruler. Returning to the Baxter Building, Dr. Strange teleports Thing and Johnny to Namors palace and the two help fight off Namor's men. As the battle rages on, Dr. Strange observes from the Orb of Agamotto, and when he is convinced that Namor will rest at nothing to claim victory, he intervenes using his magical powers to help the FF escape from Namor. Afterwards, Sue refuses to tell Reed why she was in Namor's place to begin with.

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    Comic Cover for Fantastic Four (#27)
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