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January 1964
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     The Return of The MOLE MAN! 

    * 1st "Moloids" Appearance
    After Sue shows off her newly learned ability to create invisible force fields and turn others invisible, the FF have to deal with constant complaints from city and public officials who are concerned with the FF's constant (and potentially dangerous) scientific experiments. Deciding that maybe it's best to find an island away from the city to store their equipment, the group check out an island that is up for sale.
    There they find a cavern that brings them face to face with the first foe they ever faced: The Mole Man, who has survived their previous encounter. After a battle against his Moloids, the FF are captured and made prisoners after learning of the Moleman's plot to sink the worlds largest cities below the Earth. Escaping from their specially made cells, Reed rewires the Mole Man's before escaping the island. When the Mole Man activates the device it causes his own island to sink destroying his device in the process.

     FACT: Sue Storm gains more powers. 

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    Comic Cover for Fantastic Four (#22)
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