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June 1974
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  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp #82 - Mary Jane Watson
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 The SUB-MARINER Strikes! 

*Sub-Mariner Appearance
The Thing, Medusa, and the Human Torch enter Reed's laboratory and find him despondent. A summons in his hand indicates that Sue has started divorce proceedings against him. Reed says that Sue is within her rights, and that if this is what she wants, then he will not stand in her way. Ben becomes angry, because it seems to him that no one wants to do anything about this, but when he flies from the Baxter Building on the Airjet-Cycle, the Torch goes with him. As Ben and Johnny head for Pennsylvania, Johnny says that he does not think Sue is right to file for divorce, though she seems to have a good reason. Then he flames on and flies ahead, leaving Ben to his thoughts. Many miles pass by unnoticed beneath the Airjet-Cycle, but suddenly, as Ben soars over a Pennsylvania lake, Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner, flies out of the water and attacks. Ben plummets onto a rock and his vehicle is destroyed. He is totally baffled when Namor says that although he has no quarrel with him, he must strike because honor demands it. Namor tells Ben to surrender, explaining that he does not wish to harm him unless he persists in his chosen course of action. When Ben tries to defend himself, Namor carries him underwater. Ben realizes that he will have a difficult fight, because the water increases Namor's strength, but before he can do anything a sudden blow knocks him unconscious. As Namor hauls Ben onto the shore, the Human Torch attacks him with fireballs. He builds a wall of flame to keep Namor away from the water, but Namor traps Johnny with an asbestos net. Johnny realizes that Namor had been expecting them and has for some reason betrayed them. Namor says that his reason is valid, but when Johnny replies that there is no valid reason for betrayal, Namor knocks Johnny, still enmeshed in the net, into the lake. Then the Thing revives and grabs Namor by the ankle, barraging him with punches. A powerful blow hurls Namor through the air. As Ben helps Johnny out of the water, Namor returns and warns them to make no attempt to find Sue Richards or her child. From this moment, says Namor, Sue and Franklin are under his protection, and Sue belongs to him. Ben and Johnny stand dumbfounded as Namor flies away.
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Comic Cover for Fantastic Four (#147)
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