Marvel | Back To Fantastic Four | May 1974 | Volume 1 | USA | 267 Owned

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May 1974
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  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp #91 - Hela
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 DOOMSDAY: 200 Below 

Ternak switches on the Climate Cannon, coating the Human Torch and Medusa with ice. Virtually helpless, Medusa urges Johnny to turn on his flame, but he cannot. Ternak gloats that within hours he will focus the cannon on the Earth's equator, dropping the world's temperature and initiating a new ice age. Humans consider themselves the supreme pinnacle of creation, says Ternak, but the snow-creatures, also known as abominable snowmen, existed before humanity and shall soon inherit the Earth. Enraged by Ternak's threats, Johnny finally manages to flame on and starts to melt the snow-creatures' weapons, dodging their energy beams as he battles. But when he passes over Ternak, the leader of the snow-creatures swats him out of the air toward an ice wall. Fortunately, Medusa catches him with her hair before he impacts, which saves his life. Then she enters the battle, bowling the snow-creatures over with her hair. She and Johnny were simply passing by, she says, when they were attacked without provocation. She had received an urgent message to return to her people in the Great Refuge, and every moment she spends fighting the snow-creatures represents an unnecessary delay. Then she knocks the Climate Cannon off its pedestal with a large boulder. Ternak falls from his perch, stunned, and by the time he regroups with his minions, Medusa and Johnny flee and hide. Ternak orders the snow-creatures to find them, and Johnny and Medusa know that it is only a matter of time before they are caught. But a different snow-creature—a female—finds them, and she motions for them to be quiet. They follow her through a maze of icy caverns, silently enjoying the breathtaking scenery. Lost in thought, Johnny comes to realize that his anger with Reed over what happened to Franklin is misdirected. He has.. been unfair to his brother-in-law, he tells Medusa, and Medusa agrees. Reed had no choice, she says, just as they have no choice but to follow the snowgirl into the cave. After a while Johnny and Medusa are brought to a large machinery-filled gallery, in the center of which, beneath a transparent dome, is seated a wizened figure. Meanwhile, three snow-creatures are exploring the remains of the pogo plane, which was downed by Ternak's laser cannon when Johnny and Medusa passed over the region.
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Comic Cover for Fantastic Four (#146)
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