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April 1974
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  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp #9 - Captain Marvel
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1st Appearance "TERNAK"
After the pogo plane crash-lands in the Himalayas, the Human Torch and Medusa emerge into the snow to take stock of their situation. Although Medusa wears a parka, it is scant protection against the cold and wind. The Torch discovers a mountain pass some distance away, but it is too far for him to fly there with Medusa, and he will not leave her there alone. Medusa cannot believe that she is about to die in the Himalayas scarcely fifty miles from the Great Refuge. When she senses someone watching her, she dismisses the feeling as impossible, and then she asks Johnny how long his flame will last in the cold. About fifteen minutes, replies Johnny—which means they are in trouble. Just as Medusa asks Johnny to check the radio in the pogo plane, a group of apelike humanoids attack her. She fends them off with her hair, noting that their skin is freezing cold and that their language is unlike any tongue she has ever heard. Then the Torch chases them away with fireballs after he realizes that their frigid metabolism cannot tolerate heat. But as Johnny flies in pursuit, a giant snow-creature leaps out from under the snow and grabs Johnny's leg. The creature's cold extinguishes the flame where he touches Johnny, who hurls fireballs at him in desperation. Amazingly enough, the creature speaks English, and he introduces himself as Ternak and demands to know what they are doing there. He asks what they know about the "cannon," and he declares that they will regret interfering. When Ternak admits to destroying the pogo plane, Medusa slams him with a chunk of metal. The distraction allows Johnny to break free and strike Ternak in the face with a white-heat blast. Temporarily blinded, the snow giant flees, but Johnny falls into the snow, which extinguishes the last of his flame. Medusa carefully picks Johnny up with her hair, hoping to get him someplace warm, but their situation looks even more hopeless to her now than when they first crashed. Ten hours before, recalls Medusa, she and Johnny were at the Baxter Building working out. Ben was lifting weights and boasting about how much stronger he was getting. Irritated, Johnny melted one of Ben's weights, and Ben retaliated by pulling out a fire hose. Before Ben could use it, Johnny burned a hole in it, so Ben chased him and slammed him into a wall. Then, annoyed at being used as Johnny's "personal doormat," Ben stamped out of the room. Medusa helped Johnny to his feet, saying that he had it coming. When she asked him why he had been acting so strangely recently, he replied that it was difficult getting used to Crystal and Quicksilver being engaged. Just then, Reed interrupted to tell Medusa that he received a message on sub-space radio from Black Bolt, who wanted her to return temporarily to the Great Refuge to assist with "Project Revival." When Reed asked Medusa what that meant, Medusa replied that it was a classified Inhumans secret. Medusa persuaded Johnny to join her, and soon he and she were over the Himalayas in the pogo plane.
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Comic Cover for Fantastic Four (#145)
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