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Purple Man

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October 1964
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  • 1st APPEARANCE of "PURPLE MAN" (Zebediah Killgrave)
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Stories May contain spoliers
 Killgrave, the Unbelievable Purple Man! 

One day a strange man by the name of Killgrave, with purple skin, walks into a bank and demands a large sum of money, surprisingly the bank clerk offers it without question, however believes he is robbed when Killgrave is away from the vicinity. Quickly arrested by police the "Purple Man" is brought before a judge where he refuses to be represented by a lawyer, however the judge is quick to assign him one anyway: Matt Murdock.

When Murdock visits Killgrave in his jail cell, Killgrave tells Murdock that he doesn't need a lawyer, and demonstrates when he asks the guard to let him go, then asks Karen Page to accompany him. Although Matt isn't effected, he waits until everyone else is snapping out of Killgrave's control after he leaves the vicinity, then Matt chases after him in his guise of Daredevil. When trying to fight him, Killgrave then orders the people on the streets to attack Daredevil, forcing him to retreat.

While returning to his guise of Matt Murdock to tell his partner Foggy what happened, Killgrave has amassed a small army of strong men from a local gym and taken over the Ritz Plaza hotel. While this is happening, Daredevil is preparing his minature tape recorder and other gadgets built into his billy club before he goes to fight Killgrave again.

Traveling to the Ritz to fight him, he chases Killgrave up to the roof, where the Purple Man orders Karen to stand on the ledge of the building and forces Daredevil to comply by holding him at gun point. At this point, Killgrave explains how he got his uncanny powers. He explains that he was a spy for a communist country and when spying on a lab he was accidentally doused with a chemical. When he was caught by the plant guards, he found that he was able to bend their will, and soon decided it would be best to become a criminal.

With his origins and intentions told, Daredevil then jumps off the side of the building with Karen and swings to safety, he then returns to fight Killgrave. Easily defeating him with the special cape that he built into his billy club to subdue the villain to retard his abilities. He then turns the Purple Man over to the police with a tape of Killgrave's confessions.

Leaving to resume his guise, he returns to the Nelson & Murdock law offices where he finds that Karen is okay, however their feelings for each other are kept to themselves.
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