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Death of Flash (Barry Allen)

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November 1985
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     "A Flash of the Lightning!" 

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    The Flash (Barry Allen) (Dies)

    The Flash is captured, bound to a wall in a space capsule heading for the planet Qward in the Antimatter Universe. Psycho-Pirate is present, but fearful for his life. He wonders if the Anti-Monitor perished during his battle with Supergirl. Suddenly, the Anti-Monitor appears before them wearing new battle armor. He tells the Psycho-Pirate that he will spare him -- for now.

    On Apokolips, DeSaad watches the space capsule and asks his master Darkseid what they're going to do. Darkseid answers that they're simply going to watch and see what happens. If the heroes prevail against the Anti-Monitor, Darkseid says, then the "status quo" will be maintained. If the Anti-Monitor prevails, then he will be weakened enough to the point where Apokolips' sole leader will destroy him.

    In the 30th century, the Legion of Super-Heroes monitor the partially merged five Earths. Brainiac 5 throws himself into his research, refusing to come to terms with Supergirl's death. Saturn Girl observes that his mind is in turmoil.

    In the 20th century, Firestorm communicates with Vixen who finds famed robotics expert Professor T.O. Morrow. They bring Morrow to the remains of the Justice League satellite where they hope he can effect repairs upon the robot that he invented - |Red Tornado. Ray Palmer is also present, and is inspecting the Tornado's body from the inside. Suddenly, something deep within the Tornado's bio-system activates and a huge explosion tears through the satellite. Blue Devil, one of the heroes summoned to examine Red Tornado's inner workings, finds himself transported to the Vegan system to deal with the Omega Men.

    Back on Qward, the Anti-Monitor supervises the construction of an Anti-Matter cannon. With this weapon, he intends on finishing off the remaining Earths. Dozens of Qward's Thunderers work as slaves to complete the weapon. The Flash, meanwhile, manages to break free. He grabs the Psycho-Pirate and races off with him across the barren landscape. Moving at super-speed, he exposes the Psycho-Pirate's face to many Thunderers. He forces the pirate to warp their emotions into feelings of hatred for the Anti-Monitor. One by one, the Thunderers turn against their master, but the Anti-Monitor easily defeats them. While the villain is distracted, the Flash finds the Anti-Matter energy core that powers the cannon. Running faster than he has ever run in his life, he circles around the energy core thousands of times, turning the unstable antimatter back upon itself, destroying the cannon. The influx of energy is too much for the Flash's mortal form, however. He begins phasing through different points in the time stream, and before long, he loses all physical cohesion and dies. All that is left of him is his empty costume and his ring. His noble sacrifice has saved billions of lives across the Multiverse.

    From beyond the walls of time and space, one being screams out in unbridled anger. The Spectre has awakened.
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    Comic Cover for Crisis On Infinite Earths (#8)
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