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1st Appearance of Wonder Girl (Donna Troy), 1st time Teen Titans team (is called Teen Titans) 1st Separated Man

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Basic Information
July 1965
Comic Age
Cover Price
  • 1st Appearance of Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl as the "TEEN TITANS"
  • 1st Appearance of "SEPARATED MAN" (Jake Trask)
Interior Artist
Cover Artist
Stories may contain spoilers
 The Astounding SEPARATED MAN! 
1st Canonical Appearance Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl as "TEEN TITANS"
1st Appearance "Separated Man" (Jake Trask)
The town of Midville has decided to have itself a "Teen Day" and the mayor elects a "Teen Mayor" for the next 24 hours to celebrate, choosing local boy Tommy Holmes. However, while most of the people of Midville enjoy the celebration, there are some in the town that dislike teenagers and have issues against Tommy Holmes because his father is in jail. Although Teen Day begins well -- with teens taking on city jobs -- Tommy is upset that his father cannot be there to see how well things are going. Suddenly, a menace the towns folk known as the Separated Man attacks again, sending a giant hand to terrorize the city.

With this danger on the loose, Tommy calls in the newly formed Teen Titans: Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl to come and rescue the city. Each team member (with permission from their mentors) go from their respective locations to go and investigate the strange attacks of the Separated Man.

Back in Midville, the townsfolk blame Tommy for the attacks because his father is a criminal and he is saved at the last minute by his girlfriend Judy who drives him away from the angry mob on a motorcycle. They are soon attacked by parts of the Separated Man's body. They seek refuge in the nearby teen club house where all the local teens are waiting for the arrival of the Teen Titans. When the Titans arrive, Tommy explains to them that his father was a scientist who created a means of turning himself into a giant molecule. This in turn created the Separated Man, when the effects worse off his father was held criminally responsible and incarcerated. After Tommy his finished his story, they find that the feet of the Separated Man is storming toward the club house.

The Teen Titans and local teens work together to try to stop the Separated Man, tripping up it's feet with Wonder Girl's lasso. They then go into the town proper where the towns folk are trying to stop the Separated Man's hand, the Teen Titans and local kids tie ropes to all of it's fingers and drag it away on mini-bikes. When a giant eye appears and begins dropping flaming tears, Tommy's father appears telling the mayor he has a way to stop the Separated Man, however the mayor orders him to be arrested. This is stopped when the flaming tears being to cause fires around the town, prompting Kid Flash to use his super-speed to stop the flames.

Professor Holmes explains that while he was in jail he was trying to perfect his Separated Man formula to expunge any criminal tendencies, however the formula was stolen by his cell mate Jake Trask had stolen it the day he was paroled. Having developed an antidote, he tells them that the Separated Man must be looking for more of the serum to remain in his current state. Telling them that he has to inject the anti-serum into the creatures heart, the Teen Titans and local kids go out looking for the heart of the Separated Man.

They trick the Separated Man's ear into eaves dropping on them and send it away by cranking up their portable radios sending it flying away in pain. Wonder Girl goes after the ear only to be assaulted by the Separated Man's mouth, she quickly defeats it by throwing a billboard into its maw. Latter attempts to catch other parts of Separated Man's body also fail, the Teen Titans tripping up each time.

When Professor Holmes reveals the location of more of the serum (in a lighthouse down by the water) the Separated Man attacks the town in his full body. The Teen Titans and the local kids then attack the creature out in the water, knocking him over, causing him to sink into the water below. The Titans then rope up the Separated Man long enough for Robin to inject the anti-serum into his heart, changing him back into Jake Trask. After Jake is turned over to the police, the towns people celebrate, and Tommy's father returns to jail to finish hi
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Comic Cover for Brave And The Bold, The (#60)
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