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Earth One and Earth Two Batmen. 1st Appearance of Katanna and the Outsiders

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July 1983
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     Contains 3 Stories: "Smell of Brimstone, Stench of Death!" & "Bat-Mite Speaks His Mind" & "Batman and the Outsiders" 

    Synopsis for "Smell of Brimstone, Stench of Death!"

    An old enemy of the Earth-Two Batman transfers his mind into the body of his law-abiding Earth-One counterpart to attack the Batman of that world.

    Synopsis for "Bat-Mite Speaks His Mind"

    Bat-Mite complains to Len Wein about not having a feature in the book and gets erased.

    Synopsis for "Batman and the Outsiders"

    Outsiders (First appearance)
    Halo (First appearance)
    Geoforce (First appearance)
    Katana (First appearance)

    While Commissioner Gordon interrogates the terrorist Miklos, a group of his followers seek to liberate him from the hospital where he is being held under police custody. However, when they siege the hospital, they soon find opposition in the form of Batman and the Outsiders, who work together to defeat Miklos' followers and turn them all over to police. While the "Batman and the Outsiders" story is a sneak-peak of the series and printed a month prior to the first issue of Batman and the Outsiders, the story actually takes place following the third issue of the series. "Batman and the Outsiders" is reprinted in Showcase Presents: Batman and the Outsiders #1.
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