Marvel | Back To Avengers, The | November 1971 | Volume 1 | USA | 198 Owned
Neal Adams Art Double Size, Kree-Skrull War storyline

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November 1971
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  • KREE-SKRULL WAR Storyline
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Stories May contain spoliers
  "This Beachhead Earth / Part Two: A Journey to the Center of the Android! / Part Three: War of the Weirds!" 

Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man have arrived at Avengers Mansion to find it deserted. Suddenly the Vision bursts into the room and passes out. They summon Henry Pym (who arrives in his guise of Ant Man) to help repair the Vision. Battling through the android's "immune system" the tiny Avenger manages to revive the synthezoid. The Vision explains to them the events that led up to this moment: The battle in the Arctic, the insurgence in alien hysteria, H. Warren Craddock's government hearings, and finally the fact that Captain America, Iron Man and Thor had told the Avengers to disband (something that shocks the members present because they do not recall those events.) The Vision continues to explain that after they were ordered to disband, they went to meet up with Captain Marvel and soon found themselves battling three cows that shape changed into Mr. Fantastic, the Thing, and the Human Torch. While Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were defeated and captured, the Vision managed to escape thanks to his density changing powers. After the Vision explains his story, the Avengers vow to rescue their friends and Mar-Vell.

Meanwhile, at the farm, we learn that Captain Marvel and Carol Danvers are prisoners of the Skrulls. They watch as on the monitors the Skrulls disguised as members of the Fantastic Four stalk the remaining uncaptured Avengers: Goliath. Goliath and Rick Jones are soon found by the Skrulls and captured as well, they explain that they were part of the first Skrull visit to Earth, but were defeated by the then recently formed Fantastic Four and were hypnotized into believing they were cows. Suddenly, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Vision arrive on the farm to rescue their friends.

While back inside the farm, Mar-Vell manages to free himself and Carol Danvers. While the Avengers battle the "Fantastic Four", Marvel begins creating an Omni-Wave device, a Kree communicator and prominent weapon. However, when he is done he destroys it because "Carol" turns out to be Super Skrull in disguise and Mar-Vell figures out the truth before the Super Skrull can take it from him. However, the Super Skrull manages to defeat Mar-Vell and sets the ship inside the farm to blast off. The Avengers, having just defeated their Skrull opponents, attempt to stop the ship from escaping but ultimately fail.
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Comic Cover for Avengers, The (#93)
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