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May 1976
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  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp B76 - Incredible Hulk
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The Avengers and the Squadron Supreme have been transported to the Squadron's Earth after a battle at the Brant Corporation in their own reality attracted the attention of the police, leading Roxxon Oil owner Hugh Jones to transport the two warring super-groups there. There the battle resumes in earnest. The Squadron makes the opening salvo and easily defeats the Avengers just as the military and the President of the United States arrives.

The President, Hubert Humphrey, appears before them wearing this reality's version of the Serpent Crown and demands their immediate surrender. Captain America recognizes the Serpent Crown from his previous encounter with the cursed item and it goes to explain why the Squadron Supreme is fighting against them as they are under the Crown's evil influences. While the other Avengers are held a gunpoint, the Vision uses his phasing powers to render himself completely invisible so that he can get close to Humphrey and take the Serpent Crown. Tossing it to Wanda who threatens to destroy the Crown if they are not let free. Humphrey, not wishing the Crown to be destroyed allows the Avengers to flee. Needing a plan, Humphrey uses his mental link with Hugh Jone's on the Avenger's world to figure out what to do next.As the Avengers flee, the Scarlet Witch begins to succumb to the influences of the Serpent Crown, ad while the other Avengers are not looking passes out in the streets, the Vision is the first one to notice and go to her rescue followed by Hellcat and the others.

Meanwhile, back on the Avenger's home world, Hawkeye, Thor, Moondragon and the Two-Gun Kid return to the present following their battle against Kang in the year 1873. Sure enough Hawkeye quits the group and he and Two-Gun Kid race off to russel up some wild horses.

While back on the Squadron's Earth, the Vision checks on the Scarlet Witch to find that the Serpent Crown's influence is starting to have an effect on her. Just then Hyperion, Lady Lark and Golden Archer round the corner and walk right into the Scarlet Witch. When Hyperion grabs the hex-powered mutant, it sends the Vision into a fury and although he has the upper hand, the Squadron's greater numbers soon out match him.
As Wanda battles the Serpent Crown's influences, the Squadron under estimates the Vision's density powers and he soon takes down Golden Archer, and then Hyperion. When Lady Lark attempts to use her sonic powers against the Vision she is hit from behind by the Scarlet Witch who has managed to fight off the Serpent Crown's control and come to the rescue of her husband. With the battle over and their love reaffirmed, the Vision and Scarlet Witch travel off to reunite with their comrades.
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Comic Cover for Avengers, The (#147)
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