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First Appearance and Origin of Hellcat (Patsy Walker)

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February 1976
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  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp B39 - Mighty Thor
  • 1st APPEARANCE of "HELLCAT" (Patricia "Patsy" Walker)
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1st Appearance "HELLCAT" (Patricia "Patsy" Walker)
At the Brand Corporation complex, the five Avengers, accompanied by Patsy Walker, who had been captured by the Squadron Supreme, have broken free, but their movements are monitored by Hugh Jones, head of Brand's parent conglomerate, Roxxon Oil, and his security chief. Patsy's ex-husband, Colonel Buzz Baxter. Attacked by guided missiles. Iron Man, Captain America, and Patsy take refuge in a storage area, where they find the costume once worn by the masked heroine called the Cat Inspired, Pat dons the outfit and takes on the identity of the Hellcat. The trio is rejoined by the Vision, the Scarlet Witch, and the Beast, but then the Squadron Supreme attacks once more. When the police arrive to investigate the disturbance, Hugh Jones presses a button, and Avengers and Squadron alike are transported to the Squadron's alternate Earth.

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Comic Cover for Avengers, The (#144)
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