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1st Appearance & Origin of the Avengers. Fantastic Four, Loki & Teen Brigade Appearance

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September 1963
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  • 1st APPEARANCE and ORIGIN of The "AVENGERS" * TEAM MEMBERS Include: * ANT-MAN (Hank Pym) * WASP (Janet van Dyne) * HULK (Bruce Banner) * IRON MAN (Tony Stark) * THOR (Thor Odinson)
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 The Coming of the AVENGERS! 
Thor locks Loki up in a land that prevents his body from getting out but Loki gets out his soul. He then finds Thor only to find he is in his human form as Dr. Blake, but he feels that if he defeated Thor like this it would be a hollow victory. He then sees a figure in the air, mistaking it as a figure who is flying. In actuality, it is the Hulk.

He makes an illusion of dynamite near the Hulk on some train tracks,The Hulk thinks the dynamite is real and it is going to explode so he goes down and tries to grab the dynamite, but since there is none he goes through the illusion of the dynamite breaking the train tracks and going into a small hole.

A train is coming so Hulk picks up the tracks and the train goes by. The train conductor saw the Hulk and thought he was trying to kill everyone on the train so the hunt for Hulk begins. Rick Jones sees the headline in the newspaper and so he tries to call the Fantastic Four through a radio signal. Loki wants Thor so he changes the radio wave signal to Thor. The message is also heard by Iron Man, the Wasp and Ant-Man.

All the heroes go to the house of Rick Jones when Thor sees out from the window an illusion of the Hulk, conjured by Loki. Thor tries to stop the Hulk, only to discover it was an illusion. Thor then realizes that only his brother Loki could conjure illusions and Thor travels to Asgard. All the other heroes chase the Hulk to a circus, where Ant-Man commands his ants to dig underneath Hulk, causing a hole to appear, trapping Hulk. Hulk proved to be too strong, as Hulk escapes. But Ant-Man commands his Ants once more to drop a steel tube around Hulk, a seconds attempt to trap Hulk. It fails and Hulk breaks free. Iron Man then comes up and challenges the Hulk, to which Hulk leaps into the air in an effort to escape. But Ant-Man has a mesh nylon net set, But Hulk proved to be strong enough to escape. Iron Man then follows Hulk, but Hulk smashes Iron Man's main battery, so Hulk escapes once more.

Once Thor arrives on Asgard, he asks permission from Odin to confront Loki, to which Odin agrees to. Thor travels to the Isle of Silence, where Loki is trapped on. Thor is on a boat, until volcanic glass globules threaten Thor, so Thor dives into the sea to escape. Loki sees the empty boat, and wonders if he defeated Thor so soon, to which Thor responds by hurling his hammer, but Loki was quick enough to set up a magical barrier that repels Thor's hammer. Thor's leg is then grabbed by a troll, and hundreds more start to emerge. Thor uses a flash of blinding light to repel them, as Troll's eyes are sensitive to light. Loki then makes illusionary images of himself, in an effort to confuse and escape Thor. Thor instead creates a gale winds to blow every one of them, forcing Loki into a cliff, where Thor uses his hammer to magnetically attach his hammer to Loki.

Iron Man seeks the help of an airplane pilot, who directs Iron Man to an auto factory. after a quick skirmish with each other, Thor returns stopping the fight between the team and Hulk. Loki tries to escape by becoming radioactive but Ant-Man traps him in a lead container. Ant-Man suggest that they work well together, and the rest of them agree, to which Hulk asks what they're naming themselves. Wasp says something dramatic, like "Avengers", to which Ant-Man agrees that Avengers is the perfect name.

And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth's mightiest heroes found themselves united against a common threat! On that day, the Avengers were born, to fight the foes no single super hero could withstand!

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Comic Cover for Avengers, The (#1)
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