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1st Appearance of the Spidermobile, Marvel Value Stamps Start

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March 1974
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  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp #2 - Hulk
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While out on patrol, Spider-Man spies some crooks popping out of a manhole with the intent of robbing a sky scraper, Spider-Man stops them. When one of the captured crook tries to tell Spider-Man that he's hired by Hammerhead, a device in his head kills him when he tries to utter his employers name. Hammerhead, meanwhile has just returned to New York after his sabbatical in Europe. While offloading on the pier, he is greeted by the Jackal, who goads Hammerhead into wanting to get revenge against Spider-Man and Dr. Octopus (hoping that the villain will play in his hands.)
At the Baxter Building, Spider-Man pays a visit to the Human Torch, who unveils the completed Spider-Mobile. The two take it out on a test drive, and test out all of the vehicles abilities (which mimic that of Spider-Man's own spider-powers including ties that allow it to scale walls, and web-shooters.) However, things go awry when the Torch soon learns that Spider-Man has no drivers license and up to this point has never driven a car before.

As this goes on, Dr. Octopus -- fresh out of prison -- watches the spectacle amusingly before traveling to the roof of the Pan-Am building to take a helicopter ride to Westchester. Spider-Man meanwhile has returned back to his apartment and changed back to Peter Parker where he gets a call from his Aunt May who is checking in. However, their conversation is cut short when Mary Jane arrives earlier than planned and he has to let her go.

A few days later, when Hammerhead's men attack another building with special jet packs, Spider-Man tries to stop them in his new Spider-Mobile. During the fight, Hammerhead enters the fray and knocks over Spider-Man's car. After giving the wall-crawler a solid head-butt, the crooks make their escape. When Spider-Man recovers his Spider-Mobile before the police can secure it, he finds that there is an envelope that was dropped in it (planted by the Jackal.)
Spider-Man doesn't get a chance to read the letter until after he shows up for Ned Leed's Christmas party. Peter departs after Mary Jane tries to get a kiss from him under the mistletoe, prompting Peter (who's not ready for romance so soon after Gwen's death) to leave. Reading the contents of the envelope, Peter realizes what Dr. Octopus has been so interest in Aunt May for. Changing to Spider-Man he rushes to Octopus' Westchester hideout, and arrives just to see that there is a private marriage ceremony, and the bride and groom are Aunt May and Doc Ock!
This story is continued next issue...
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