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1st Appearance of Man Mountain Marko and Silvermane.

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June 1969
Comic Age
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Issue Facts
  • 1st Appearance of "SILVERMANE" (Silvio Manfredi)
  • 1st Appearance of "MAN MOUNTAIN MARKO" (Michael Marko)
Issue Credits
Interior Artist
Cover Artist
Crossover/Story Arcs
Arcs :
Stories May contain spoliers
 The Web Closes 

1st appearance "Silvermane"
1st appearance "Man Mountain Marko"
Spider-Man has come to the Stacy home to ask George Stacy if he can provide any clues about where the Shocker may have taken the tablet stolen from his home. After overhearing Gwen talking about Peter to her father, Spider-Man makes his presence known to Stacy, after some consideration George gives Spider-Man the only lead he can think of: The address of the Shocker's ex-girlfriend. Spider-Man arrives at the girls house to find that it's being torn apart by Man-Mountain Marko, an enforcer for the crime boss Silvermane. As the two duke it out, another one of Silvermane's goons, Cesare Cicero bails out one of Kingpin's men to decipher the tablet. Back at the Shocker's ex-girlfriends place, Man-Mountain Marko is put on the ropes by Spider-Man. While at the Bugle, Jameson returns to work to tell Joe Robertson about the positive press his newspaper has been giving Spider-Man. Robertson tells Jameson that Jameson is entitled to write all the editorials he wants, but as long as he's city editor for the paper, he will report the facts as they are. The fight between Marko and Spider-Man ends when Marko throws the Shocker's ex out the window, forcing Spider-Man to save her life while Marko makes off with the tablet. As Silvermane has the Kingpin's man translate the tablet, Spider-Man returns home and changes to Peter Parker where he remembers he was going to call Curt Connors at home. He learns from his wife that Connors was taken from their home a few days prior by a bunch of unknown men. Little does Peter know that Connors has been brought in by Silvermane to assist with the tablet in some way. Connors warns Silvermane that he should not be kept prisoner because it's dangerous, but refuses to elaborate. This story is continued next issue...
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Comic Cover for Amazing Spider-Man, The (#73)
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