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2nd Appearance of the Kingpin

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August 1967
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  • 1st Appearance of "Joseph ROBBIE Robertson"
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 In The Clutches Of The Kingpin! 

Unaware that Spider-Man is back in action, the Kingpin is about to begin his take over of the city, and his first target is silencing the negative press he's getting from the Daily Bugle, and so he demands that J. Jonah Jameson be silenced.

Frederick Foswell comes to the Kingpin to join his group when news of Spider-Man's return comes to the Kingpin in a violent way: Big Turk, a rival for control of the rackets comes bursting in an challenging his leadership. The Kingpin makes easy work out of Turk and quells all descent in his ranks. As Spider-Man busts up one of the Kingpin's safe-houses, the Kingpin sends men to kidnap J. Jonah Jameson.

Jameson is brought to Kingpin's headquarters where he learns what his fate will be and that he's been betrayed by Foswell. When Spider-Man tracks down the Kingpin's hide out, he smashes through the window to come to Jameson's rescue. The Kingpin fights Spider-Man one-on-one, and gains the upper hand, using gas hidden in his tie pin to knock the wall crawler out. Kingpin then tells his men to execute both Spider-Man and Jameson.

This story is continued next issue...
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