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The Punisher. 1st App. Moses Magnum

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April 1975
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 To Sow the Seeds of Death's Day! 

At the start of this issue, Spider-Man is swinging through the city when he hears someone screaming in fear. He heads to where the screaming is coming from to find a group of people in masks kidnapping a young woman. As he fights the thugs and gets rid of them one by one, someone on a rooftop opposite the alley Spider-Man is in aims a rifle towards the street, and fires a shot when the scope is aimed at Spider-Man. The shot misses Spider-Man and hits a fourth thug who was sneaking up behind him. Spider-Man muses that he has a guardian angel, and then looks to where the bullet should have come from, to see that no one is there. The girl who was being kidnapped goes to thank Spider-Man, but collapses from the fear and shock. An ambulance and some police cars arrive shortly afterwards, and Spider-Man takes the girl to the ambulance, but swings off when the police ask him to answer some questions.

The Punisher is driving his war wagon shortly afterwards, and fills out a war journal entry. In it, he says that he encountered the enemy today, and that he saved Spider-Man from being killed by the enemy (which explains who fired the shot). He adds that he was unable to question the men who attempted the kidnapping due to the police's presence. The Punisher then heads to his base, an abandoned power station, and is surprised to find that Spider-Man has stowed away in his van. Spider-Man has worked out that it was the Punisher who fired the shot that saved his life, and questions the Punisher about it. The Punisher replies that he had received a tip that the group was going to perform a kidnapping that night, and had been planning on following them until Spider-Man intervened.

Spider-Man asks why the Punisher had been concentrating on that particular group, and the Punisher shows Spider-Man a canister of biochemical toxic gas, which Spider-Man assumes is government property. The Punisher corrects him, saying that the gas is for sale to anyone who can afford the price. He then shows Spider-Man footage of the same gas being tested on people in an as-of-yet unidentified country, which kills them horrifically. The Punisher explains that the girl Spider-Man saved was going to be kidnapped and have more deadly weapons tested on her, along with whoever else was kidnapped in the process. Spider-Man gets annoyed with the Punisher for planning on just letting innocents be captured and having deadly weapons tested on them for his sake, and starts attacking the Punisher. The Punisher retaliates by shooting Spider-Man with a drugged dart.

Later, the Punisher fills out another war journal entry, saying that he's found the leader of the kidnappers, a man named Moses Magnum, at the offices of the Deterrence Research Corporation. He adds that Spider-Man recovered from the dart and has agreed to help him in his mission, then starts his assault on the building, leaping through a window in the hope of catching the enemy guards by surprise. The Punisher is successful in killing the guards on the ground floor, and disables the building's alarm system before entering the stairs and going higher in the building. Spider-Man, meanwhile, is climbing along the outside of the building when a homing device the Punisher gave him starts beeping, signalling that he's on the same floor as Moses Magnum. He then uses a glass cutter the Punisher gave him to get inside the building, and takes out some guards in the darkness of the building before heading for an office where he finds Moses Magnum. Magnum immediately orders his guards to kill Spider-Man.
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