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July 1992
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     The Pain of Fast Air 

    Spider-Man finds the Shocker ransacking a security firm's office, but Shocker escapes. Trevor Atkins, the company's owner, confirms that Shocker accessed his client list, information he plans to use to strike at Scourge before he can kill him first. Meanwhile, the couple in Germany (ASM #363. '92) arrives at JFK airport. The woman hopes they aren't ruining Peter's life by coming to New York. Peter takes his parents' photo to have it artificially aged for an ESU newspaper article on computer enhancement. The Shocker attacks the Bugle for information, but JJJ calls in the Wild Pack. Shocker escapes, however, and Peter later deduces his plan is to steal Moieed Labs' re-compressors to augment his weaponry. Worried about his safety. May follows Peter and walks in on Spidey and the Shocker's Moieed Lab fight. Spider-Man gets her to leave while the Shocker dons the compressor, amping his power. Spidey squeezes the compressor's flow tubes causing an explosion that knocks out Shocker. At ESU, students Jack and Cindy age the photo of Peter's parents. They look just like the couple arriving from Germany.
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    Comic Cover for Amazing Spider-Man, The (#364)
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