Marvel | Back To Amazing Spider-Man, The | March 1988 | Volume 1 | USA | 905 Owned
First Todd McFarlane art on Spider-Man. 1st Venom Cameo Appearance

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March 1988
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  • 1st VENOM (Eddie Brock) CAMEO in Shadows Only
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Interior Artist
Cover Artist
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Stories May contain spoliers
 Chance Encounter 

Chance murders government witness Orin Concardi for Roland Treece who recommends him to Life Foundation head Carlton Drake. From her Cloisters photo shoot, MJ leaves a phone message for Peter that they may get a condo at the exclusive Bedford Towers. At the Bugle. Peter makes a deal with Joy Mercado to shoot pictures and take notes of a foreign arms shipment at Pier 17. Back at their apartment, Peter greets Mary Jane as a scantily clad Chippendale dancer, except MJ has Sandy with her. Drake contacts Chance, hiring him to steal the Pier 17 shipment. When Chance attacks, Spider-Man engages him, forcing him to flee, though the munitions are successfully stolen. Spider-Man tags him with a spider-tracer. Back at the Life Foundation, Drake renders Chance unconscious. As Pete returns to MJ, a man in a South Bronx building vows revenge on Spider-Man as a black substance oozes over his hands.
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Comic Cover for Amazing Spider-Man, The (#298)
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