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2nd Appearance of The Scorpion

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October 1965
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  • 2nd Appearance of the "SCORPION" (MacDonald "Mac" Gargan)
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Stories May contain spoliers
 Never Step on a Scorpion!"  

While Peter Parker is out shopping for new clothes, Scorpion has his costume returned to him in prison and he escapes, swearing revenge on Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson. Back at The Daily Bugle, Peter is talking to Betty Brant and Ned Leeds who has just returned back from Europe for good. A police officer comes in and tells Jameson that an extra security detail has been assigned to protect him from the Scorpion. Spider-Man decides to swing around town to attract Scorpion’s attention but instead is giving Scorpion plenty of time to attack Jameson. He realizes this possibility and decides to head to The Daily Bugle just in case. When he gets there, Scorpion has already started to run after Jameson. As Spider-Man and Scorpion trade blows, Jameson’s office is demolished, but when the police arrive Scorpion flees outside. As the two fight on the rooftops, Spider-Man creates bolas made out of his web to tangle Scorpion and swings Scorpion around the town and into the Hudson River. As Scorpion splashes about, Spider-Man tangles him in a net of webbing waiting for the police to pick him up. Once Spider-Man is finished he returns to The Daily Bugle as Peter Parker to check on Betty Brant. When he’s told by Jameson that she was sent home, he calls her house and we see that Betty is on the couch getting rest from the frightfest that happened earlier. Even more concerning, Aunt May is in the kitchen and she gets a dizzy spell and almost faints.

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Comic Cover for Amazing Spider-Man, The (#29)
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